Senior Portfolio introduction

Hello, My name is Ahamefula Nwosu, but some people call me Aham. I am 18 years old and I am a senior at Riverdale High School. Within this portfolio you will understand my idea of thinking and my personal goals that I must achieve in order to be successful. I am a visual and oral learner where I like to use concepts learned in class to independently learn on my own. I like to do a lot of research where I am able to evaluate facts given to me in order to see if they accurate. I like to be very sure of information so I am not susceptible to failure.
My long term goal at the end is become a lawyer within the corporate world. I want to help defend and regulate businesses of corporate laws and procedure they must take in order to remain in business and increase their profit. While doing this, I plan on opening my clientele where many businesses rely on me to increase and maintain their profits. While I do this, I will expect a huge pay where I should be making well over 6 figures. Overall, I want to do something I enjoy while I become rich.

“Postcolonial BNW.”

I believe Huxley is truly a post-colonist.  His theories are displayed in a reaction to colonialism. His texts defer from that of the views of countries that ones colonize these areas. He brings a sense of new tradition within a brave new world by bringing a world of Dystopie within Bernard’s society that contrast from that of John’s. The area where John and Linda lived before Bernard came and took them away from it was more of a Native American society which expresses old traditional traditions where I believe it sides with more of a Utopian society. Bernard’s society contrast this as new trend of soma and a class system where a man is given roles of life where in John’s society a man could possibly go p through rankings. .I think someone of Native American descent would be very offended. Someone of Native American descent would probably appreciate the idea of a lack of a class system and that an individual should be judged by their accomplishments. They would also like a world similiar to Utopia.

Morrison’s Sula’s response

There are various main points given within the Article of the novel Sula. These main points included how the novel wasn’t very precise in its message and it made the reader use critical thinking into filling in the blanks. What i got from the article was that the novel also provided irony and added twists into the novel that doesn’t ordinarily follow among the same guidelines.The work is organized into a compare and contrast form where the article as the author of the article uses theories of various people such as Horace and Dryden to give a detail overview of satire. Satire was believed to be used within the novel Sula. Overall the primary purpose of the article is to help readers analyze and get a better understanding of the novel Sula which is defined as women’s mindset or anything pertaining along those guidelines.

Overall the Article was graded a b+. The article gave specific details on concepts such as satire to help the reader understand how it as somewhat implemented in Sula. However, I was still confused about Dustin Griffin approach to satire. I believe there wasn’t enough information given about how satires can be found in verses or narratives. However throughout the novel satire is explained in great detail that it provides to analyze and think about lessons or morals. The organization of the work is very excellent because it covers the basics before heading into the main idea of things. Overall the article displays proper understanding of concepts needed to comprehend Sula.

Introductory Post

 Hello my name is Ahamefula , but some people call me A-ham. I currently have a 3.9 GPA and  I plan on raising it higher with AP classes. I play football and run track. I am in AP Literature for the reason to challenge myself especially in a subject where it proves to be very difficult to analyze text.

 When I leave  Riverdale High School I want to either go to University of Georgia or Kennesaw State and earn my degree possibly in political science or criminal justice. The after I obtain my undergraduate degree I want to go to law school to become a corporate lawyer and after law I want to be a footballl or track coach. Overall  in AP literature I hope to obtain skills needed to analyze text, expand vocabulary, and earn an A.